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handmade in USA newborn hats 





Welcome to Infanteenie Beenie!

 Although newborn hospital hats have been a newborn staple for hundreds of years, Missy's patent-pending concept turned out to be a truly innovative improvement.  Moms recognized the special attention their newborn's received at the hospital and amongst visitors and spread the word along to others.  Infanteenie Beenies are made of super soft medical grade newborn hospital hat material allowing parents to keep the traditional newborn nursery look, with added style for their newest addition.


Infanteenie Beenie offers an award winning four seam round top newborn hospital hat guaranteed to fit and stay snug on all newborns.  Infanteenie Beenie creates comfort, warmth & style in one bundle.  Better yet, newborns will make a bold impression in the nursery and all their first photos will look absolutely amazing.


Today, Infanteenie Beenie brand products are sold in fine children's boutiques across the nation, as well as select on-line boutiques.  Infanteenie Beenie has created a reputation in the parenting and children's industry for being dedicated for created the highest quality newborn hospital hat on the market.






Missy's daughter, Miss Scarlett Adair, was the inspiration behind Infanteenie Beenie.  They say "necessity is the mother of invention" and for Missy it was a necessity that her newborn daughter wear nothing but pink!


So, when Adair adorned the the generic blue/pink striped hospital hat, Missy quickly took it off to replace it with an adorable pink newborn hat from her hospital bag.  However, she soon realized none of the  newborn hats on the market would properly fit and stay on her baby girl.


She set a goal to make gender appropriate newborn hospital hats that would fit and stay snug to all newborns and Infanteenie Beenie was born after many mom hours of creation, design and testing.


 "Giving birth is one the most beautiful and important days of a parent's life and I am so proud to know that Infanteenie Beenie is now proudly packed in hundreds of thousand hospital diaper bags around the world!  Baby blessings to you or someone you love,"  says proud owner/operator Missy.


(shown in image with her supporting husband and 3 children)

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